Eric Serra - Anna (Luc Besson) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019) [Hi-Res][24bit-44kHz FLAC ] (RD)

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Le Grand Orchestre Du Splendid - Les années Splendid: Saison 1 (2016) [Hi-Res]

Artist: Eric Serra

Title: Anna (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Year Of Release: 2019

Label: EuropaCorp

Genre: Soundtrack

Quality: 24-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC

Total Time: 1:04:13

Total Size: 680 MB


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01. Eric Serra - I Am Criminal (3:17)

02. Eric Serra - Message from the KGB (3:21)

03. Eric Serra - Car Race in Moscow (4:15)

04. Eric Serra - Put Faith in Yourself, Pt. 1 (1:55)

05. Eric Serra - Put Faith in Yourself, Pt. 2 (1:12)

06. Eric Serra - Put Faith in Yourself, Pt. 3 (1:45)

07. Eric Serra - I Work for the KGB Baby (0:57)

08. Eric Serra - Brawl in Pectopah (4:06)

09. Eric Serra - Adversity Is a Good Teacher, Pt. 1 (1:04)

10. Eric Serra - Adversity Is a Good Teacher, Pt. 2 (1:49)

11. Eric Serra - Settling in Another Grey Box (1:13)

12. Eric Serra - Izmailovo Market (1:32)

13. Eric Serra - Only One Way to Leave (0:53)

14. Eric Serra - Mission in Milan, Pt. 1 (2:54)

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15. Eric Serra - Mission in Milan, Pt. 2 (1:34)

16. Eric Serra - Five Minutes to Cut a Deal (3:30)

17. Eric Serra - I Need His Finger (1:03)

18. Eric Serra - Find Me in the Closet (3:54)

19. Eric Serra - Criminal (1:54)

20. Eric Serra - Miller's Proposal (1:44)

21. Eric Serra - Escape from KGB (5:43)

22. Eric Serra - Disturbing Day for Maude (1:10)

23. Eric Serra - Meeting at Parc Monceau (2:40)

24. Eric Serra - Six Months of Freedom (2:25)

25. Eric Serra - Mexican Standoff in Paris (1:01)

26. Eric Serra - Anna Is Free (1:46)

27. Eric Serra - Olga in Her New Office (2:27)

28. Beauty Freak - My Beauty (My Soul Edit) (3:10) 


Eric Serra - Anna (Luc Besson)

Eric Serra is an award-winning French film composer best known for his work with director Luc Besson on international blockbusters such as The Fifth Element (1997). Born on September 9, 1959, in Saint-Mandé, Ile-de-France, he began his musical career during the mid-late '70s as a guitarist and bassist in collaboration with a range of French pop / rock acts. During the early '80s he was the bassist of French singer / songwriter Jacques Higelin, one of the country's biggest pop / rock stars of the era. Around this same time, he began collaborating with film director Luc Besson, starting with the score of the short film L'Avant Dernier (1981). Serra finally composed the music for Besson's first feature-length effort, The Last Combat (1983), plus successive films directed or written by the filmmaker: Subway (1985), Kamikaze (1986), The Big Blue (1988), Nikita (1990), Atlantis (1991), Leon (1994), The Fifth Element (1997), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999), Wasabi (2001), and Arthur and the Minimoys (2006). In addition to his work with Besson, Serra composed music for other films, most notably GoldenEye (1995), which features one of the most inventive scores in the James Bond series. The recipient of numerous accolades, Serra won the most prestigious of French film awards, a Caesar, in 1989 for his work on The Great Blue. He was nominated for several other César awards over the years, including nominations for his Besson scores for Subway, Nikita, Léon, The Fifth Element, and The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. Highlights of his film scores were compiled for release on the best-of collection Music Movies (1996). As a solo recording artist, Serra made his full-length album debut in 1998 with the pop / rock effort R.X.R.A.

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